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France is one of the best places in the world to own a Racehorse; prize money, facilities, the overall experience, the stunning and extremely effective training facilities of Chantilly, the history of racing patronage and the overall well run nature of the industry combine for great results. Sitting just 25 minutes from Charles De Gaulle airport and easily accessible from Paris, makes it very convenient to come and visit your horses and take in racing at Chantilly. The average race value sits just under 25,000 euros which makes it very feasible for horses to cover their yearly training fees through prize money.

Owners Premiums

France Galop pays a premium to owners of horses born and bred in France . The premium varies from 80% for 2, 3 and 4-year-olds to 43% for horses aged 5 or older.

For instance, your 3 years-old horse, born in France, wins a Quinté of a total prize-money of 52 000€. The winners prize-money sums up to 24 440€. As a result, the owners premium sums up to 15 641€ equivalent to 64% of 24 440€. Consequently, the prize-money and the owners premium reach a total amount of 40 081€.

France Galop also contribute up to 3000euros in transport fees to and from the races per year per horse.

Why not take a look at buying some shares in one of our HORSES FOR SALE or CONTACT US in relation to sourcing of new or additional horses.  Gavin is able to assist new owners with FRANCE GALOP REGISTRATION if required.

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